Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall 2013 Season Starts TONIGHT!

Hiya, Friends! What a spring and summer I had. All is well and I'm ready to start up with tunes and fun with you all.

Each month, we'll focus on a couple of tunes that are either classics the world around or are being played locally at sessions (or both). Once we firm up the repertoire this week, the tunes for the season will be posted. Sets will be adjusted as we go, because we're going to find out what people like and don't like and how best to arrange the tunes.
This season's dates are:
September 18
October 16
November 20
December 18
All evenings are from 7:30 - 9:00 pm. We may be downstairs or up, depending on what classes are being held in the building this fall. Tonight we are upstairs.

We'll start tonight at 7:30 with tunes from last year's repertoire and some new tunes from Amy Schoch's Thursday night medium session. Bring a recording device to capture tunes you don't know yet. Bring your tune lists.

If we have new people, tonight's Learning Tunes will be:
Moon Coin Jig - jig
The Flax in Bloom - reel
Taims in Arrears - slip jig

If everyone knows the above tunes,then here's tonight's list of tunes to get us started:
Friendly Visit/Honeysuckle (hornpipes)
Garrett Barry's/East of Glendart/Behind the Haystack (Munster Buttermilk)  (jigs)
Trip to Birmingham/Torn Jacket/Earl's Chair (reels)
The Butterfly/Snowy Path (slip jigs)
Christie Barry's 1 & 2 (jigs)
Belles of Tipperary/Limerick Lasses (reels)
The Cameronian/The Shaskeen (reels)
Off to California/The Harvest Home (hornpipes)

and we'll fill in tunes as we go around the circle.
See you tonight at Old Songs!