Session Tune List 2005-2013

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2005 TUNES
Blackthorn Stick 05
Boys of Blue Hill 05
Brendan Tonra's 05
Denis Murphy's Polka 05
East at Glendart 05
Far Away (Waltz) 05
Fisherman's 05
Garrett Barry's Jig 05
Gary Owen 05
Green Fields of America (Jig & Reel) 05
Haste to the Wedding 05
Inisheer 05
Jackie Coleman's Reel 05
Jamie Allen (in G per John Roberts) 05
John Ryan's Polka 05
Kilavil Jig 05
King of the Fairies
Liverpool Hornpipe 05
Mairi's Wedding 05
Off to California 05
Ormond Sound Reel 05
Rights of Man 05
Road to Lisdoonvarna 05
Rocky Road to Dublin 05
Sally Gardens (Reel) 05
Snowy Path (Slip Jig) 05
South Wind 05
Star of the County Down (Waltz) 05
Swinging on a Gate 05
Tailor's Twist 05
Trippin' Up Stairs/Smash the Windows
Killarney Boys of Pleasure 05
Kesh Jig 05
Carty's Jig 05
Connaughtman's Rambles 05
Sligo Maid 05
Humours of Bahrain 05
Battle of Aughrim 05
An Comra Donn (Little Brown Coffin) 05
Mist Covered Mountain 05
Galway Rambler 05
Blackbird 05
O'Neil's March 05
Maid Behind the Bar 05
The Old Bush 05
Joe Cooley's Hornpipe 05
Cooley's Reel 05
Mooncoin Jig 05
Colonel McBain 05
Hewlett's 05
Lightly Swims the Swan (Cathal McConnell) 05
Father Kelly's 05
Crowley's 05
Templehouse Reel 05
Saddle the Pony 05
Planxty Fanny Power

2006 TUNES
December Super Slow Tunes:
The Virginia Reel
Carty's Jig
The Honeysuckle Hornpipe
Her Long Golden Hair (slow tune)
Christmas Eve (Reel)
Brendan Tonra's (Jig)
East at Glendart (Jig)
Blackthorn Stick (Jig)
Morrison's (Jig)
The Parting Glass
The Wind that Shakes the Barley (reel)

Tune List:
The Wind that Shakes the Barley (reel)
Drunken Sailor
The Battle of Aughrim
The Green Fields of America
Out on the Ocean
Rocky Road to Dublin
Bridget O'Malley
Saint Patrick's
Kesh Jig
Blackthorn Stick (Jig)
Cooley's Reel
Father Kelly's
Harvest Home
Haste to the Wedding
Killarney Boys of Pleasure
King of the Fairies
O'Neill's March
Planxty Irwin
Down by the Sally Garden
Scollay's Reel
Si Beg Si Mohr
Eighth of January
Brendan Tonra's Jig
Mairi's Wedding
Planxty Fanny Power
Planxty George Brabazon

2007 TUNES
January 2007 Tunes:
Reel: Scollay's Reel
Jig: Swallowtail Jig
Hornpipe: The Rights of Man
Slow Tune: Planxty Irwin
Seasonal Tune: A Week in January

March 2007 Tunes:
Harvest Home/The Boys of Blue Hill
Planxty Irwin
The Munster Cloak (aka Spanish Cloak) Waltz
Tobin's Favorite/Swallowtail Jig
Trip to Sligo/Top of Cork Road
Three Sea Captains
The Road to Lisdoonvarna
Lanagan's Ball
The Rakes of Mallow
John Ryan's Polka
Ballydesmond Polka

April 2007 Tunes: 
Egan's Polka
Tobin's Favorite
The Blackthorn Stick
The Three Sea Captains
The Knotted Chord (teaching tune)

May 2007 Tunes:
The Knotted Chord (Joanie Madden Version)
Farewell to Connaught
Toss the Feathers
Dunphy's Hornpipe

August 2007 Tunes:
Contentment is Wealth (aka Carty's Jig)
King of the Fairies (set dance)
Out on the Ocean 
Kesh Jig/Stool of Repentence (Jigs)
Father Kelly's (Reel)
Tonra's (Jig)

September 2007 Tunes:
Swallowtail Jig
Swallow's Tail Reel/Swinging on a Gate
Margaret's Waltz/South Wind (waltzes)
Josefin's Waltz
Coleraine Jig/Tonra's Jig
Boys of Ballisodare/Five Mile Chase (reels)

2008 Tunes
July 2008 Tunes:
Learning Tunes: Anderson's Reel (Dmaj)/Tommy Coen's (Gmin)
Flowers of Edinburgh (Dmaj) (Hornpipe)
Tripping up Stairs (Gmaj) (Jig)

2008 Slow Session Sets:
Click for Full 2008 Old Songs Slow Session Tune List
Gentle Maiden (G)/Galway Bay (D)/Munster's Cloak (G) waltzes
The Mountain Road (DMaj)/Swinging on a Gate (GMaj)/Merry Blacksmith (DMaj) Reels
Tobins (D)/Morrison's Jig (Emin)/Out on the Ocean (G)/Brendan Tonra's (D)
Father Kelly's (G)/Speed the Plough (D) Reels
Swallowtail Jig (G)/Gallagher's Frolics (Emin)/Mist Covered Mountain (Amin)
Swallow's Tail Reel (G)/Cooley's Reel (Emin)/Come West Along the Road (G) 
Kesh Jig (G)/Father O'Flynn's (D)/Blackthorn Stick (G)
Her Long Golden Hair Flowing Down Her Back (Amin) (slow tune)
Eagle's Whistle (D) (slow tune)/Inisheer (G) waltz
Hinchy's Delight (G)/Jerry's Beaver Hat (D) Jigs
The Otter's Holt (Bmin)/Earl's Chair (Emin)

2009 Tunes
Gentle Maiden (G) /Munster's Cloak 
The Mountain Road (Dmaj)/Swinging on a Gate (Gmaj)/Merry Blacksmith (Dmaj)
Tobin's (D)/Morrison's Jig (Emin)/Out on the Ocean (G)/Tonra's (D)
Father Kelly's (G)/Speed the Plough (D)
Swallowtail Jig (Emin)/Gallagher's Frolic's (Emin)/Mist Covered Mountain (Amin)
Swallow's Tail Reel (G)/Cooley's Reel (Emin)/Come West Along the Road (G) 
Kesh Jig (G)/Father O'Flynn's (D)/Blackthorn Stick (G)
Her Long Golden Hair Flowing Down Her Back (Amin) (slow tune)
Eagle's Whistle (D) (slow tune)/Inisheer (G) waltz

2010 - No Record of 2010 Tune Lists

2011 TUNES

September 2011 Sets
Cooley's Reel/Julia Delaney/Swinging on a Gate
Dennis Murphy's/John Ryan's/Bill Sullivan's (Polkas)
Out on the Ocean/Blackthorn Stick/Father O'Flynn's (aka Top of Cork Road) Jigs
Harvest Home/Boys of Blue Hill (Hornpipes)
Hardiman the Fiddler/The Snowy Path

Learning Tunes
Paddy's Resource (Jig)
The Hunter's Purse (Reel)
The Home Ruler (Hornpipe)
The Ballydesmond #1 (Polka)

October Session Sets
Merry Blacksmith/Sally Gardens/Silver Spear
Rose in the Heather/Morrison's Jig/Cliffs of Moher
Harvest Home/Boys of Blue Hill
Arragh Mountains/Dever the Dancer
Denis Murphy's/John Ryan's/Bill Sullivan's

October Learning Tunes
Slip Jig: Whinny Hills of Leitrim (gmaj)
Jig: The Pipe on the Hob #1 (dmaj)
Reel: Old Copperplate (amin)
Hornpipe: Home Ruler/Kitty's Wedding
Polka: Denis Murphy's/John Ryan's/Bill Sullivan's

Tune List 2011
Blackbird, The (set dance)
Blackthorn Stick (jig) (Gmaj)
Bumper Squire Jones (O’Carolan piece)
Bunch of Keys (reel)
Buried My Wife (jig)
Burnt Old Man/Gallagher's Frolics (Jig)
Butlers of Glen Avenue (jig)
Collier’s Reel (reel)
Cooley’s Reel (reel)
Fanny Po’er (O’Carolan waltz)
Farewell to Connaught (reel)
Garrett Barry’s (jig)
Kerfunten Jig (jig)
Kiss me Kate (reel)
Lad O’Beirne’s (jig)
Lad O’Beirne’s (reel)
Maids of Mt. Cisco (reel) Ador
Miss Walsh's Jig
Miss Thornton's
My Love is in America
Nine Points of Roguery (reel) Dmin
Planxty Irwin (O’Carolan piece) (d and g)
Scholar, The (reel)
Virginia Reel (Dmaj)

2012 Session Tunes:
Merry Blacksmith/Sally Gardens/Silver Spear
Garrett Barry's/East at Glendart/Munster Buttermilk (Behind the Haystack)
Home Ruler/Kitty's Wedding
Hardiman the Fiddler/The Snowy Path
The Mountain Road/Cooley's Reel/Speed the Plough
The Rose in the Heather/Morrison's/Cliffs of Moher

Learning Tunes Spring 2012:
Kid on the Mountain slip jig
The Blooming Meadow (3 part jig)
Limerick Lasses Reel
The Friendly Visit hornpipe
Madame Bonaparte set dance
Willie Coleman's Jig
Tripping up Stairs
Out on the Ocean

April-May 2012 Sesiun an Lar (Middle Speed Session) Tunes:
Tatter Jack Walsh/Connaughtman's Rambles
Leprachaun/Burnt Old Man/Mouse in the Mug
Poll Ha'Penny/Wicklow hornpipes
Father Dollard's
Jackie Coleman's/Killarney Boys of Pleasure
Brendan Tonra's/Haunted House/Paddy O'Rafferty
Willie Coleman's/The Mooncoin Jig
Dowd's #9/Limerick Lasses
Home Ruler/Kitty's Wedding
Drowsy Maggie/Swinging on a Gate
Shandon Bells/John Blessing's Delight/Lark on the Strand
Sporting Paddy/Galtee Rangers
Friendly Visit/Honeysuckle hornpipes
Dunphy's Hornpipe/Harvest Home
Trip to Birmingham/The Torn Jacket
Maid at the Spinning Wheel/Humours of Lisheen
Collier's Reel/Craig's Pipes
Maple Leaf/Four Courts/Ivy Leaf/Spotted Dog
Have a Drink with Me/Black Haired Lass
Limerick  Lasses/Cameronian
Mouse in the Mug/Roaring Bar Maid
Tatter Jack Walsh/Cook in the Kitchen
Friendly Visit
Hardiman the Fiddler

June 2012 Sesiun an Lar (Middle Speed Session) Tunes:
Donnybrook Fair (Joy of my Life)/Willie Coleman's jigs
Hardiman the Fiddler/Snowy Path/Dever the Dancer
Miss Walsh's/Mug of Brown Ale
Black Haired Lass/Wild Irishman
Christie Barry's #1/Christy Barry's #2
Frieze Britches
Trip to Durrow/Cup of Tea
The Friendly Visit/Honeysuckle Hornpipes
Dowd's #9/The Virginia
Slieve Russell/Jim Ward's Jigs
Kilavil/I Buried My Wife
Geese in the Bog/Out on the Ocean
My Love is in America/Miss Thornton's

August 2012 Seisun An Lar Tunes:
Miss Monahan's/Limerick Lasses/Cameronian
Miss Thornton's/My Love is in America
Trip to Birmingham/The Torn Jacket/The Virginia
Cooley's/The Scholar Reel
Merry Blacksmith/Sally Gardens/Silver Spear
Christy Barry's 1 & 2 (Jigs)
Garrett Barry's/Blarney Pilgrim/Munster Buttermilk
Morrison's/Mooncoin/Willie Coleman's Jigs
Connaughtman's Rambles/Tatter Jack Walsh/Cook in the Kitchen/Jim Ward's
I Buried My Wife/Come Have a Drink with Me
Father O'Flynn/Dusty Windowsills/Rose in the Heather
Home Ruler/Kitty's Wedding
Poll Ha'Penny/Wicklow
Fair Canavans (G)/Hardiman the Fiddler (Dmix)
Friendly Visit/Honeysuckle
Planty Fanny Power/Star of the County Down
Brennan's Fancy/Cup of Tea/Earl's Chair
New Copperplate (G)/Old Copperplate (Ador)
Skylark/Roaring Mary
Banshee/Dick Gossip's/High Reel
Banshee/Wise Maid
Mountain Road
Dowd's #9
Jackie Coleman's
Jenny Picking Cockles
Fly in the Porter/Paddy's Resource/Pipe on the Hob
My Darling Asleep/Humours of Ennistymon/Sporting Pitchfork
Gallagher's Frolics/Cliffs of Moher
Cherish the Ladies
Leprechaun/Out on the Ocean/Jim Ward's
Miss Walsh's/Mug of Brown Ale
Off to California/Liverpool
Fig for a Kiss/Snowy Path

Learning Tunes November 2012:
John McKenna's Barn Dance
The Killimor Jig/The Knights of Saint Patrick
The Maid I Ne'er Forgot
Barrel Rafferty's Reel (Master McDermott)
Redican's Mother/Ryan's Slip Jig/Fig for a Kiss
The Laccaroe
Christy Barry's #1/Christy Barry's #2
New Copperplate Reel
Paddy's Resource/Pipe on the Hob/Blooming Meadows
Good Natured Man hornpipe
Fasten the Leggin' (Fasten the Leg in Her) Jig
Scattery Island slide

2013 Tunes

Fall 2013 Tunes:
Mon Coin Jig
Flax in Bloom reel
Taims in Arrears slip jig
Friendly Visit/Honeysuckle hornpipes
Garrett Barry's/East at Glendart/Behind the Haystack (Munster Buttermilk) jigs
Trip to Birmingham/Torn Jacket/Earl's Chair reels
The Butterfly/Snowy Path slip jigs
Christie Barry's #1 and #2 jigs
Belles of Tipperary/Limerick Lasses reels
The Cameronian/The Shaskeen reels
Off to California/Harvest Home hornpipes

September 2013 Sets:
Miss Thornton/My Love is in America
Redican's Mother/Taims in Arrears/Hardiman the Fiddler
Will you Come with Me/Lark in the Morning
Christie Barry's #1 and #2/Tonra's
Tonra's/Lark in the Morning
Home Ruler/Kitty's Wedding
The Spotted Dog/Maloney's Wife
Plains of Boyle/Liverpool Hornpipe
Old Hag you have Killed Me/Hag at the Church/Out on the Ocean
Tatter Jack Walsh/Cook in the Kitchen
Garrett Barry's/Blarney Pilgrim/Munster Buttermilk
Miss Thornton's/My Love is in America/Swinging on a Gate
Redican's Mother/Taims in Arrears/Hardiman the Fiddler
Christie Barry's #1 and #2/I Buried My Wife/Will you Go with Me
Friendly Visit/Honeysuckle hornpipes
Limerick Lasses/Cameronian/Shaskeen
Dowd's #9/Virginia/Cup of Tea
Tommy Peoples'/Last Night's Fun/Tulla Reel
Goat on the Green/Pipe on the Hob
Jenny Picking Cockles/Jenny's Wedding/Cregg's Pipes
Old Bush/Sporting Paddy/Galtee Rangers
Milliner's Daughter/Flax in Bloom/Crooked Road to Dublin
Tonra's/Lark in the Morning
Tobin's Favorite/Jackson's Bottle of Brandy
Willie Coleman's/Moon Coin Jig
Trip to Birmingham/Torn Jacket/Earl's Chair
Toss the Feathers/Limestone Rock

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