Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Let's Kick Spring in the Butt and Play Some Tunes!

Will Spring Never Come?

Hi, Music Buddies!

Last month was awesome with a bunch of new folks and some cool tunes! Remember that our Learn By Ear tune was the simple polka Britches Full of Stitches? I've got another fun simple tune for this month. 

Just a reminder of the March Tune Playlist:

Kesh JigRakes of Mallow (polka), Harvest Home (hornpipe), Mountain Road (reel), When the Cock Crows it is Dawn (slide), The Butterfly (slip jig), Sporting Paddy (reel) , The Torn Jacket (reel), Miller of Drohan (reel), Saddle the Pony (treble jig). 

We will most likely play Kitty's Rambles (which is also known as Kitty's Rambles to the Saucepan or The Rambles of Kitty). You can check out the sound file of Paul playing it HERE. I'll bring some sheet music for it tomorrow as well.

Next events: Old Songs Slow Session for May on Wed., May 16. Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eirann slow session on Sunday, May 20.

Hope to see you somewhere around soon!