Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Slow Session Resumes in Fall

Dear Friends,

Pat, Perry and Eoghan enjoy some gelato in the early summer heat!
The highlight of my summer so far has been a trip to the southeastern U.S. that included lovely tunes and friends in the D.C. area, a great visit in the countryside around Chapel Hill, N.C. and to the mountains of western North Carolina where we met friends and made new ones from all over the south. The music was brilliant, and the craic was grand!

The Old Songs Festival was one of the best ever in my opinion. OK, maybe because I actually heard some music this time... I'm trying to remember to "stop and smell the roses" these days.

Anyway, now to the important news: Slow Session will resume in the Fall. I was hoping I'd be able to make time to get together with you all this summer, but honestly, I have some things in my schedule that are absolutely non-negotiable and they fall in the evenings.

So, as mentioned in an email (and corrected once I revisited the blog!), the Tunes for Summer Learning will be:
Reels: Imelda Roland's/Cregg's Pipes
Jigs: Butcher's March/Moloney's Wife, Carraroe/Rambling Pitchfork
special bonus jig: Kinnegad Slashers
Slow Tune: Lord Inchiquin
Waltz: Maguire and Patterson's

I'm working on that music as we speak. Feel free to find versions to get yourself started, and I'll get you my versions/ABCs/Sound Files asap.

Enjoy Your Summer,