2015-2017 Repertoire

(I've stored these on Google Docs with an open sharing policy. These PDFs will open in a new window.) 

Spring 2015

Jigs: Chrstie Barry's #1 and #2
Hornpipes: The Friendly Visit / The Honeysuckle hornpipes

Fall 2015 (click to go to folder)

Special Tunes: Egan's Polka (aka Ryan's)/Maids of Ardagh/Knocknaboul #2  Polka set
Waltz: Boolavogue  Waltz (not the song, although the melody is the same)
Reels: Around the World for Sport/Martin Wynne's/Enchanted Lady

Spring 2016 (click to go to folder)

Special Tune: Joe Bane's (Bann's) Barndance (G)
Jigs: The Hole in the Hedge (Cmaj) / Seamus Cooley's (Gmaj) / Kerfunten Jig (D)
Reels: Drunken Landlady (Emin) / Joe Bane's Reel
Anne Walshe's
Slow Reel: Miller of Drohan

Fall 2016 (click to go to folder)

Special Tune: Kinnegad Slashers (jig)
Reels: Imelda Roland's/Cregg's Pipes,
           Cooley's/Farewell to Connaught
Jigs: Butcher's March/Moloney's Wife,
         Carraroe/Rambling Pitchfork
Slow Tune: Lord Inchiquin
Waltz: Maguire and Paterson's

Spring 2017 Tunes (click to go to folder)

Special Tune: Promenade (amin Hop Jig)
Reels: Man of the House
Jigs: Mug of Brown Ale
Slow Tune:

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