Friday, February 20, 2015

Let's Get Ready for March or Brace Yourselves, St. Patrick's Day is Coming!

Thanks to everyone who came out for our February slow session. It was a lot of fun! We went over jigs The Geese in the Bog and The Lilting Banshee, and we added Maid on the Green to make a three-tune set. We'll review that one next month as well. (Corrected versions to be added soon.) We reviewed Within a Mile of Dublin, and then continuing on the reel theme, we learned O'Connell's Trip to Parliament and The Torn Jacket. I'd hoped to also work on the Battering Ram jig, but decided to postpone that until March.

"I'm looking over a four leaf clover..."
Speaking of March: OK, so let's say it is a common perception in the general population that the month of March is reserved for traditional Irish music. Sort of seems like maybe it's the one time in the year they expect it. Nay, they demand it. They cram it like a student at mid-terms, using green beer as their Red Bull of choice, and prefer The Unicorn Song, Black Velvet Band and Carrickfergus to the wall of tunes we'd really much rather play. OK, nothing wrong with any of that, right? Someone's got to drink that green beer...but please, if you have green beer, do NOT wrest the mic away from the band and sing When Irish Eyes are Smiling, because we may have to physically harm you.

And I will say I'm grateful for March, because it means at gigs most of the audience really, really appreciates what we do, moreso than the other 363 days of the year (the other day is "halfway to St. Patrick's Day" or that one weekend day around September 17), and we see lots of our friends and get to play a. ton. of. tunes. Yeah. Cool. But you and I both know that Irish music goes waaaaay beyond the confines of one month on the calendar.

In fact, we celebrate it just about every month of the year! Slow Irish Session takes place on the third Wednesday of the month between September and June, and you are always welcome to join us!

See you on March 18 for the next Irish Slow Session!



p.s. by the way Old Songs is starting early! This Saturday, February 21, Old Songs hosts the fun trad Irish group Songs in the Frying Pan! Come out and hear some great music!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Warm Up Your Fingers at the February Slow Session!

This is the place to be...
This cold snap is really becoming quite a nuisance! I don't want to leave the house, but I don't think I can spend another minute with myself. I'm going stir crazy!

We can't fix the weather, but one time-tested remedy for cabin fever is a nice evening playing tunes together. Old Songs Irish Slow Session will be held this Wednesday, February 18 from 7:30-9 PM at the Old Songs Community Arts Center, 37 S. Main, Voorheesville, NY 12186.

We'll be working on old tunes, including recent jigs Geese in the Bog/Lilting Banshee, and we'll add a third tune: Maid on the Green. (We can dream of Spring at least). For reels, we'll review Up Against the Buachallans and Within a Mile of Dublin.

Learning tunes for Wednesday will be reels Trip to Parliament and Torn Jacket, as well as the epic three part jig, The Battering Ram.

$4 for heat/lights/photocopies. We'll be in the downstairs where it is warmer! See you then!



p.s. fun trad Irish band "Socks in the Frying Pan" will be performing at Old Songs on Saturday, February 21! Check it out: