Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall Fiddlin' is Fun! Come play some Irish tunes with us...

October Slow Session Wed. Oct. 19!

The only thing better than a cat on the lap
is a fiddle in the hand!
Hey, gang! It's that time again...Pumpkins, Presidential Debates...Slow Session! Yay!

Come hang out at Old Songs on Wednesday evening, October 19 from 7:30-9:00 p.m. and play some tunes. If you click this link [Google Drive Folder of Tunes from All Seasonsand choose the Fall 2016 folder, you can get all the tunes for this semester. 

The gang gave me a new one from Comhaltas, The Deer's March, which I scanned and included in the folder. We'll be playing that this time.

Guitar/Bouzouki players: There are chords on most of the tunes for the Fall semester now, including this new one. 

I look forward to seeing everybody! Since many of you go to Colleen's session, we'll be happy to work on any of the tunes from that session that you have music for. Just bring it along and I'll make copies!

See you Wednesday! - Hilary

p.s. I'm not sure whether we'll be upstairs or down - George Wilson's fiddle classes will be meeting at the same time, so if you don't see me upstairs, try downstairs.

REMINDER: Tunes for Fall 2016 are:

  1. Special Tune: Kinnegad Slashers (jig)
  2. Reels: Imelda Roland's/Cregg's Pipes, Cooley's/Farewell to Connaught
  3. Jigs: Butcher's March/Moloney's Wife, Carraroe/Rambling Pitchfork
  4. Slow Tune: Lord Inchiquin
  5. Waltz: Maguire and Paterson's