This music is a path we're all on. Some of us are further along than others. It's a journey. You just have to keep on going!"  - Elio M.
When I sat down to create this blog, Elio's kind words from years ago rang in my ears. He was encouraging me to keep going, even though I was frustrated by a plateau I'd hit as I struggled to learn Irish fiddle. He's right, of course. Irish music truly is a journey. There's so much to learn about so many things - your instrument, your heroes, the culture, the tradition, the elusive rules of this session or that, the different techniques and ornaments, etc. And certainly, just learning tunes can be a lifetime of study in itself.

Why "The Stoney Steps," you ask? You've seen those steps built into stone walls in old villages (does the cemetery in Feakle, Co. Clare come to mind?) or along country lanes. It's one quick way to get over the wall without letting the livestock out, or in, I suppose. To me, those steps are the timeless nature of the culture and the music. The steps have been used by generations of folks passing through, living their day-to-day lives. Honestly, we're really only doing the same thing...and hopefully grabbing a few tunes and some laughs on our way by!

So...take your time with this music. Roll around in it enough and it'll seep into your consciousness and change your life forever. No matter where you are along the path, I hope you'll find something here to inspire and motivate you!

Glad you could join me on this journey!