Friday, January 27, 2012

Thank Your Mentor...

January is National Mentoring Month. How do I know this? Well...I hate to admit this, but I'm watching The View instead of listening to the neighbor's barking dog. Really, can you blame me? I work at home. There are probably a million ways to avoid hearing the incessant barking. But I can't listen to Irish music while I'm working, or I won't get any work done. The show is all about the impact that mentors have on those they work with. Famous or not, the time a mentor takes to teach, guide, and inspire their mentee can be life-changing. 

What I'd like to know is this: "Who is your Irish music mentor? Who inspires you and pushes you to do better?" My list is too long, really, but I'll give you a few: George Ward. John Roberts. Lisa Preston. Ged Foley. Pat O'Connor. Laurel Martin. Eric Everson. These are the people that step up, take time to listen, let me listen to them, give me advice, push me to do better, give me shit when I'm not doing enough. I love them. And I'm better for knowing them.

How about you?


p.s. Want to learn more about Mentoring? Visit this link:

p.p.s. tunes are on the way. bear with me...

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