Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Good Fun Had By All!

Remember to rest after you have tunes! :-)

Thank you for a wonderful evening...

Tonight's slow session (1/15/14) was a great deal of fun. Thanks to the folks who came out and made music! It was an absolute pleasure.

We played all four of our learning tunes and made several new sets out of them. We put the Boys of 45 (or "Micho Russell's Favorite") after The Flax in Bloom. We stuck The Lilting Banshee on before The Humours of Glen. We made Mrs. Crotty go before the Friendly Visit, and finally we just plain played the heck outta The Maids of Mitchelstown (don't tell their dad).

Next month's session will be held on Wednesday, February 19. We'll work on these new sets, plus sets from the playlist and a bunch of new learning tunes. Melora says she has a few in mind, and I've got some up my sleeve, so between us we'll have a nice evening of music planned. Look for the tunes in the next few weeks.

A big Slow Sesh welcome to George B., who joined us for the first time and really rocked out the accompaniment. Lovely playing, G-man!

Thanks again to all who came out! See you soon!


p.s. April Verch, Cape Breton fiddling phenom, will be wowing the crowd with her trio on Saturday night, January 18, 2014 at Old Songs. Tickets are for sale, and can be purchased by calling the office at 518-765-2815 or by visiting

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