Thursday, April 21, 2016

Megaband Starting Up on May 1!

Below is a message that Nancy forwarded to me about Megaband that a friend of hers in the Contra Tunes old songs group sent her.  It gives the rehearsal schedule, fee, etc. Past members have said the music instruction and experience they get is very good. It is basically contra tunes music, out of the Portland I and II books, Fiddlers Fakebook, etc.  Some are Irish, some are old-time, etc.  


Welcome to the Megaband!
We had a great info and jam session on April 2 and we’re raring to go.
Future rehearsals are scheduled at the Old Songs building in Voorheesville as follows:
Sunday May 13-6 pm
Monday May 237-9 pm
Sunday June 53-6 pm
Sunday July 33-6 pm
Sunday July 173-6 pm
Sunday July 313-6 pm
Sunday August 73-6 pm
Sunday August 213-6 pm
Other rehearsals may be scheduled. Try to attend as many as you can.
George Wilson and David Kaynor will be leading rehearsals. 
The May 1 rehearsal is open to all, without commitment, so if you are undecided about joining Megaband, feel free to attend and try it out. Bring friends!
Dues for the band are $40, which should be paid before or at the May 23 rehearsal. Checks payable to Dance Flurry Organization. This money will go towards payment for the rehearsal space and stipends for the leaders (George and David). The Dance Flurry Organization will make up any shortfall.
Our first gig is September 11 at the Buhrmaster Barn dance in Colonie. Dance starts at 6, and there is a potluck preceding.
We are hoping to have other gigs in the 2016-2017 season. Maybe even at the Flurry!
A preliminary list of Megaband tunes will be sent out shortly.

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