Monday, September 18, 2017

September Slow Session Wed., Sept. 20!

What's Up, Peeps?

Almost time for pumpkins? As long as we're not decorating for Christmas yet!

It's been an odd "end of summer" - suddenly we're nearly into the end of September and wearing short sleeves. I don't know what Wednesday will be like, but at the Old Songs Community Arts Center, we'll be comfortable no matter what.

Come join us for some trad Irish tunes. Last month we learned a Slip Jig by ear - Nollaig Casey called it "Last Night's Fun", but Sue Bippus found it listed as "Wink and She'll Follow". Sue played a slightly different slip jig that she learned from Kevin Crawford. Recordings will be in the Google Drive by Wednesday.

August Tunes

Some of the tunes we played in round robin (thank you Nancy Crowther) were: 

Boys of Blue Hill (hornpipe)
Lark in the Morrning (jig)
Maid Behind the Bar (reel)
Maloney's Wife (jig)
Man of the House (reel)
Ships Are Sailing (reel)
The Spotted Dog (jig)
Wink and She'll Follow (slip jig)

If anyone remembers what else we played, let me know!

CCE Tune Set & New List

My apologies - I was wrong about the Comhaltas set for this month. Nancy let me know that it was in fact Christmas Eve/Father Kelly's - two lovely reels. We will play these as well!

Colleen handed out a NEW TUNE LIST. I put it in the Google Drive.

Wednesday's Plan

So, on Wednesday, September 20th from 7:30-9:00 p.m., as always, we'll have a learn-by-ear tune, we'll play the CCE Set (Christmas Eve/Father Kelly's), and then we'll do our round robin. Would someone like to volunteer to keep track of what tunes we play during Round Robin? It would be such a huge help!

See you soon,


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