Friday, March 23, 2012

Nice Session for March!

I meant to just log on quickly and say how nice the session was last week. We will continue to play the session sets and review new tunes. I will be adding one or two more session sets either from last season or compiled of new tunes for next month. I will also include a few more new teaching tunes just to keep things fresh.

Madame Bonaparte continues to present challenges, so I should have a suggested bowing technique video for our fiddlers in the next week. I'm also interested in how whistle and flute players would phrase that "tricky" section in the B part (BdGd BdGd / ceAe ceAe / BdGd BdGd / F#ADA F#ADA). I think all other instruments would be forced by the nature of their construction to phrase as required by picking, pushing or pulling, but I could be wrong. I will be exploring that as well. 

I'm interested in your thoughts and/or demonstrations, so send video or audio with explanations if you want, or simply post for discussion's sake!



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