Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fantastic April Session!

This month's session was absolutely incredible! We had fourteen players including me, and we sounded really great! Nice job, guys! This month we played through the Merry Blacksmith set, Garrett Barry's set, Hardiman the Fiddler set, Rose in the Heather set, Kid on the Mountain, The Friendly Visit, Madame Bonaparte, and this month's new session set: Willie Coleman's/Tripping up Stairs/Out on the Ocean.

We took bits of Madame Bonaparte and practiced them before we started the tune. Remember there are lots of arpeggios in that tune and it can help to focus you in the tune if you take the difficult or strange bits of the tune and play them slowly a few times to get them "under your fingers" and in your mind.

Melody players who have some comfort level with their instruments, but are looking to work on tunes at a slow to moderate pace are invited to join us every second Wednesday at the Old Songs Community Arts Center for a chance to play sets of tunes at a moderate pace and single learning tunes at a slow pace.

Each month we add a new set of three session tunes that we play through three or four times each. We also add a new learning tune each month so that folks continue to build repertoire but don't get overwhelmed by a constantly changing list!

So, if you're new and you want to join us, the first assignment is easy!
1. Go to the "Slow Session Tunes (Current)" page (see the link to the right on this page?)
2. Print out the PDFs of the tunes (keep them in order of the sets and it will be easier to find them during the slow session)
3. Download and listen to the MP3s of the tunes so you hear how they sound
4. Practice the tunes
5. Come to Slow Session!

Thanks for another great evening, everyone! See you soon...


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