Monday, February 4, 2013

Next Slow Session on Feb. 20th

This was our second First Wednesday slow session. I'm sorry to have to cancel, but Eric has been sick since last week, and I'm feeling really awful. I just don't want to share with anyone if I don't have to.

So...we'll meet on the Third Wednesday at our regular time of 7:30 PM at the Old Songs building.

Here's tunes for this month:

Reel: Toss the Feathers (Dmix) - look for Version 3

Jig: Spotted Dog (Amaj)

and just for fun: Mazurka: Shoe the Donkey.

Remember last month's tunes as well -

The Old Bush, Sporting Paddy, and Fermoy Lasses.

See you soon!


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  1. Awesome to see posting up here again! Although I haven't been able to find a flute teacher, I am going to Catskill Irish Arts Week this year and with luck and some practice maybe I'll be able to attend a session.